Stereo wireing question??


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Jun 21, 2005
I'm putting the stereo system in my car.

Nothing slamming, but I do have 3 amps that I need to run. Wireing them is no problem, except for the remote turn on. Standard radios don't have enough voltage on their remote wire to trigger 3 amps (if I recall correctly). So I'm thinking about running a relay setup. But I think 1 relay for 3 amps might be too much current draw for it.

SO.... does anyone know if you can run 3 relays in series?? Think the radio will have enough to trigger 3 of them.

I was thinking about wireing it like this. Crude drawing I know.

Open to any suggestions on a better way to do it too:D

I've run 2 amps in the past, never 3. Maybe I'm overthinking it??:confused:



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I'd try it form the radio first, when i worked at image audio years ago we turned on more that 3 amps from the radio the current draw for isn't that high. if it wont work with all 3 it could be the radio. also if you were to use the relay you dont need one for each amp. hth