stock chip/160 thermostat

85 TR

Sep 19, 2001
Can i run a lower thermostat like a 160 with the stock computer or do i need to have a chip. I have heard on other cars that it will trick the computer to thinking that the car is still cold and it will run rich.
If the car isn't moving, or on surface streets the coolant temps will still rise to normal levels (190's) simply because the cooling fan is controlled by the chip, and unless there's high speed air moving through the radiator it's still going to rise to the stock chip levels because the fan won't come on until the temps get into the 190's.

On the highway the coolant temps will be down closer to the 160 thermostat level because of the high speed air coming through the radiator.

Won't hurt anything, just not of much use to run the 160 thermostat without a chip to take advantage of it.
My fan is not controlled by the computer it is a hypertech unit that i put into the engine block.
The fan comes on at 176 and turns off at 166, right now the fan is always running so i want a lower stat in , wich I was planning on doing anyways.
So a 160 thermostat will not mess with the computer?

Thanks for the reply
my hotair motor didnt like a 160 stat it ran best with 180 being the hotair cars are way rich to start with and if the comp. adds fuel it will run worse

13:08@104.9 on stock hotair computer/chip with 180 thermostat

If that is the case I will definitly stay with the 180 stat but right now the fan runs all the time (once the car hits 176 )and I dont know the life span on an electric fan , The fan I am running is a flex-o-light 18 inch that pull like 2500 cfm . Do these things last a long time ? I hope so I payed over 200 dollars to get it in with the relay.