stock chips from junkyards....



can i go to a junkyard and pull a chip out of an ecm and plug it into my car....i just go this car a couple weeks ago and it's got more lag than i want, the previous owner said that the chip would lock the converter so he kept the tranny unplugged on the drivers side....i plugged it back in and it does lock the converter.....i don't understand why.....all that is done to the car is that is has a 3 inch single shot and a set of red stripe injectors in it....that's it.....i want to tune this thing to maximize the efficiency of the parts that it has on it now....i don't plan on doing any mods to it right now so i need a stock chip or a good chip.....this car has 194k on the clock and the timing set and valve springs haven't been changed yet so i want to take it easy for right now.....
If you can find a GN with 40# injectors in the boneyard maybe, but no, you cant take just any chip and plug it in.
i know not any chip...i was talking about the chip that came out of ecm part #1227148, the ones that are in our the chip the same in other 86-87 cars with the same ecm. that is basically what i am asking.:cool:
The chip would be the same but the program on the chip would have to be erased and reburned with a program for a GN with red stripes.