Stock cross-flow muffler


Feb 3, 2002
Just how restrictive is the stock cross-flow muffler? Anyone running in the high 10's low 11's with one, without the cat converter maybe the stock system would flow enough for a high 10 car?

Just curious,

I have no flow # but I just finally put in the exhaust that in in my signature below and the car spools a heck of a lot faster the idal is smoother and is more responsive all around my car had the original factory exhaust from 1987(very heavy) except for the dump it had the dump pipe on it when I bought it,it sounded nice IMO I just wanted a little more flow that is why I went with the system I have now
When I replaced the stock exhaust on my '87 with the ATR 2 1/2" setup, it felt at least 35 HP stronger. That's going by the Butt Dyno, of course. The only mods my car had were a chip and a gutted cat. These were done before the ATR. Did have to up the fuel pressure a bit.
stock exhaust = teh sux. dump = g00d. seriously the dump saves gas on my car, makes it a hell of a lot faster and souds way more badass. i think stock exhaust sucks.