Stock fan issues


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Hi guys,

I've been trying to get my stock fan to work again but I keep running into issues, I copied my post from hoping someone here could help me out.

I took the delay relay out...and wired a new ground to the relay. The low speed would stay on when the key was on, which is fine with me as long as it works. It doesn't get too hot in Upstate NY so I shouldn't need the high speed often.

Today however, I get in the car and turn the key...low speed turns on...I bring it over by the house to wire in my Caspers knock gauge. When I turned the car on to check the gauge, the fan wasn't running...

I checked the wiring, hot on the brown wire, hot on the reds...checked my ground which was good...The relay clicks when the ground is removed and I tried a new relay, still no fan.

I checked for power at the fan and theres power on both post...I removed the high speed relay and theres power on one side. But still, the fan won't work unless I jump the black/white wire on the pressure switch to another ground. The high speed won't work at all with the relay plugged in. Any ideas as to what my issue is now? I had to remove the ECM to hook up the knock gauge, and I rechecked that to make sure I didn't bend any pins or have a loose connection, all appears to be ok in that area.

Also, I hooked a new switch up to the caspers has no effect on the fans at all.
The coolant fan relays do not get grounds. They get positive switched (brown wire) and are ground by the ECM for low speed, and by AC pressure switch/Hi temp switch (green with yellow stripe) for the high speed relay.

If you put a ground on the relay, the fan will run whenever the key is on.
That's why I added a ground to the low speed...I'm not sure if it was the old RA chip or what, but my fan would never work. I was happy with the low speed being on with the key...but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

How would power end up at both sides of the fan?
Power on both sides of the fan means your ground wire is broken up near the fan.

You are reading the voltage through the motor windings.

Fan should have one grounded lead to it at all times, it is the black wire, splices into the harness near the MAF.

Pin C black on the big 3 pin fan connector.