Stock GN alchy nozzle location ??


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May 25, 2001
Can I assume that the best location for the nozzle (using M10) is at the bend of the up-pipe? Does it matter if it is on side or should it be directly 0n the bottome of the pipe?
Is it ok to drill on the bend?

Well you need to be able and get a wrench in there to hold/turn the nozzle. As long as the nozzle is above the feed tank, you'll be ok.
So in otherwords it better be mounted toward the exit end of the up-pipe? Should it be mounted directly underneath or can it be on the side? Thanks folks.

you'll need to check your clearance with your MAF pipe. If you do as I do, then there shouldnt be too much a problem.

Heres a shot .. obviously before a hose is attached, maybe this can be a guide for you.


Obviously pointing to the passenger side..

Hope this helps.