Stock Injector Limit?


May 25, 2001
Can you get into the high 11's on stock injectors? I will be trying to duplicate what some board members have done with their stock turbo and intercooler. Thank you,
TTA's can do it,barely - my old TTA went 11.99@112 w/1.63 60ft and the fastest I've heard of I belive was 11.7@116? in a TTA.I dont see why with really good tuning and a good launch a GN should get in the 11's with a stock turbo/intercooler/injector,not in summer heat but on a nice cool night.

If you like alchy/propane it might make it a little easier scince it's kinda like adding a small extra injector,at least thats the way I understand it.

Yes they can but IMO you're playing with fire with them. They use a different design than newer injectors and after 15+ years I would not feel comfortable that they are performing properly. I would at least have them flow checked to make sure they are up to par.

Mine have got me to 110.5 mph in the quarter....and I'm pulling 15% of the WOT fuel via my Translator. But I am running alky injection.

BTW the injectors were flowed and balanced - they have about 6000 miles on them. The chip is a Thrasher 108.
Would depend on the weight of the car, but conservative range for a TR, not a TTA, would be 110 mph for a heavy car and 112 for a lighter car.

I prefer the eighth mile for that reason also, somewhat safer and hopefully a bit easier on the car. Shoot for low 7.6s in the 1/8th mile:cool: at around 90 mph

I've got an email (from someone who has done this) with all the tips for this goal, if you want me send it to you
I took a set to 120 MPH with pump gas and alky injection. The injector DC was 100% and EGT's were in the 1600º area....for what it's worth, the O2's were perfect. The problem of pushing the stockers that far is not having ANY adjustability to add fuel if needed. I think my static FP was ~46 psi, which at 25 psi is more FP than you want to push through any injector, let alone stockers. I's have to guess that my stockers were stuck WAY open the entire pass:)
I think my static FP was ~46 psi, which at 25 psi is more FP than you want to push through any injector

I could have sworn that even though you have 25 psi of boost, your fuel injectors are still seeing 46 psi of fuel pressure, or am I missing something:confused:

Heh, must be the new math...I thought it was...

Fuel pump pressure (71psi) - intake pressure (25psi) = 43 psi injector pressure.

I guess I better rewrite my notes! Thanks

The static FP goes linier with the boost, so it's 1 for 1....or so it should be in a perfect world that is.
Don't know for certain if it's linier on the vacume side as well, but the FP does drop when the vacume goes up....