Stock Recored Radiator and SS Oil Cooler Lines


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Stock Rad thats been recored about 5k miles ago. Recore got knicked up and has 3 rows welded closed. Ran mid to high 160's with the Ram Fans and is guaranteed to not leak or be gunked up or I will buy it back. Recore alone cost about $120-$140. = $130 shipped

Stainless Steel Oil Cooler Lines, great condition, ditching my oil cooler all together = $90 shipped.

Can get pics if needed
Pics of the lines


  • GN SS Oil Lines 2.jpg
    GN SS Oil Lines 2.jpg
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  • GN SS Oil Lines.jpg
    GN SS Oil Lines.jpg
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Pics of the Rad Core.


  • GN Rad Core 2.jpg
    GN Rad Core 2.jpg
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  • GN Rad Back Trans Cooler.jpg
    GN Rad Back Trans Cooler.jpg
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