Stolen Turbo T in Orlando


A really nice 87 Turbo T was stolen off from KDK Performance in Orlando last night. White with chrome bumpers, GNX dash, stock wheels. VIN # 1G4GJ1178HP449289

Any info contact the Police or KDK at 407-298-2706

This just happened last night, so keep your eyes open...
Any luck yet? Any "telltale" things on the car I could look for w/o being obvious? Damage, burns, tears in interior?
In the last week I have seen a newbie around here with a REALLY crummy maroon paint job. Without going into more detail, the car looks "suspect" to me.
no word yet. I thought I had it in my sights this week, a white T with chrome bumpers with temporary tags, but the interior color and dash were different from what I could see, and then I found out who the owner was.

back to the stolen car, probably the gnx dash, chrome bumpers, no pillar pod would prompt further investigation.

thanks for looking out....