Strange cut out at 15psi??


Sep 6, 2003
I was playing with a buddy from a stop yesterday when things got weird. I was easying into the throttle slowly and as soon as the car hit 15psi it was as I had let off the throttle. Boost dropped to 0 and the rpm's fell to about a 1000. My buddy even said he could see it cut out, as the nose fell down. I'm currently running a factory tta chip which I have changed the injector constant to 50lb to match my injectors (doing emisions this week). Is it posible that the car went lean and caused it to cut out, because the fueling in the chip is messed up? This is the 1st time it had ever done this and I drove it another 100 miles yesterday after it and she ran perfect (didn't go WOT though).
It can be a lot of things, but when things only happen once, its hard to tell.

Things that can be suspect are chip, coil pack, ignition module, MAF, crank sensor, ecm, etc.
It sounds like you may have a loose hose on the uppipe or intercooler and it blew off the pressure. Ususally you will have a repeated cutout or backfire if it is the module or pack or electronic related. And if you ran it lean, you would have had knock. How much knock? You do have a scan tool, right?
I was hoping a hose had popped off but no luck. I do have a scan tool but it wasn't in the car since I had the car set for 15psi. I really think that it was lean possible knock (just don't know why). I'm doing my emissions testion tomorrow, so I'll be able to put my Testa chip back in and see if it still does it.
I'd lean towards the following, in order of appearance.
1. Ignitin Module 2. Coil Pack 3. ECM 4. Chip 5. MAF
This is per my own learnings over the course of time, however, your results may vary completely.
Use your scan tool! It should help narrow down the error field...