Stretch IC???


May 24, 2001
Will a TR stretch IC work on our cars? Looking at a KMease 15 row IC and he says it is the same???

I had a BGC stretch and it stuck out of the bottom way to far and I had less than 3" ground clearance. You also got to ask if it will allow you to run your front sway bar or not, And my BGC also would hit the oil filter because it was to wide. I had to get rid of it because of these problems but it did make my car run alot better. Especially on pump gas. I was able to run about 4 more pounds of boost on pump gas with it d/t it cooling down the charged air so much better.
I also had a PTE front mount on my GN and had to deal with all its associated probs. So when I went looking for a IC for my TTA I was determined not to go FMIC. So I went with the BGC stretch and that was a failed experiment ( but would highly recommend a strecth for a GN with its extra ground clearance). So now Iam going to the ATR TTA liquid intercooler set up with the front mount heat exchanger. I believe Iam going to add a custom water/ice tank to this set up for at the track. ..wish me luck! because Iam tired of buying IC's.

HTH: Jason
Friend of mine put a Buick V4 on his TTA and it was too low to do any normal driving. The Scoop was laying on the ground.

I wouldnt do it, But I think the buick V4 is more than 15 rows. Not sure...

I had a V4 Strech from Dequick for a TTA and the necks were different so it sucked it up into the car and had no ground clearance issues.
I've got a 17-row on my car that was made with 20 row necks,plenty of ground clearence,you got to watch the fan's with the scoop though(Really close).Fairpark did it.They aren't interested in doing them anymore though.

As far as I know My car and Crisafulli's is the only one's with that type.Mark Jakson built theirs.

That's all you need,If you can find someone to Weld it Maybe Mease will do one

Now that's a rare Bird!!

How many of those actually left CAS to there anxiously awaiting owners?That's another story all in itself