Stroker long/shortblock


Jul 11, 2011
Looking for a stroker motor but a friend of mine had a bad experience with a weber motor. It had under 100 mikes and the bearings went. He said the company didn't want to cover it so I'm a lil nervous about buying one built from them. But that was his opinion and if anybody can give me their opinion on engines from there I would appreciate it. If I can find a built 10 sec car for the right price that would be even better.
Give Nick Micale a call. He deals with Zimmerman Racing Engines and they are top notch.

Other choices are Bobby at RPE in the new England area

Dan at DLS in Indiana IIRC

Also, Chris Hodgeland in Alabama just built a freind a great engine ...he is on here and his screen name is his name
Thanks.. That might work for me, I already have ported dls heads with intake.. Hopefully I can buy it already built.
If you wanna take a little ride to the Philadelphia area, Philly Racing Engine (PRE) will build you what ever your looking for. They just built my motor and I couldnt be happier. Little bit of a ride but very up front people, very trustworthy, and very skilled at what they do. If you need another reference they build parts for Jegs so you could say their not going anywhere anytime soon.
I have parts ready for you to build a 10 sec motor - its not already built - you would have to build it. look in parts for sale title is gauging interest.