strut tower brace

I'm wondering the same thing,more specifically which ones will definatly work and which ones won't(as in by actually trying/test fitting)?


On a stock TB, the Hotchkis will clear it. But I dont think it will clear the 70 MM TB. Or if you used a spacer.

Randy Burg in Ca bought a different one for his becuase he wanted to use a plenum spacer. Give him a shout on the TTA list.

I have the Hotchkis on mine, zero issues..guess who I bought it from ;) .. hit..RB

I also have a power plate as well. Close tho..
I know the Hotchkis one for the tpi cars fits and
the Jamex. The Jamex and Hotchkis use the same exact mounting holes. I have had both on my car. My car has stock plenum with power plate.

The Kenny Brown 3-point also fits our cars, even with Hemco and Precision upper plenums.
Hope that helps.
I have the Jamex aluminum 2 point brace and it fits fine. It was made for TPI cars, but i think jamex might have gone outta business...