Studded Tires Legal or Illegal?

Legal from ~November to April here. Ive got a new mounted/balanced pair in the shed that I havent bolted on in ~10 years.. Just not enough snow/bad weather here to warrant it (not being a poor college kid anymore and owning a 4x4 prolly has something to do with that ;) )
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Most don't use them anymore? Why the hell not?
It doesn't snow enough around here to need them for the winter and only few ICE days per winter. We are being hit with our 2nd (maybe 3rd?) snow of the year so most people don't worry about it. HOWEVER, todays snow is the worst in years with around 10" in the last 24 hours with more to come.. I use to have studded snows but I decided that for the 2 days after a snow that I would need them it's not worth the $$ to buy them. We have pretty good plows and they spread a lot of salt when done..

DAMN! NOT LEGAL IN MINNESOTA??? Thats messed up...
I am surprised on how many states allow them, tho..