Stupid transmission question of the day


May 24, 2001
I promise, I will stop doing this :D
Something has been bothering me since I installed my new trans and convertor. The trans was rebuilt by Del Trans in Newark, DE and the convertor is a PTS 12inch GN convertor (D5 core?).
If you cruise at a steady 45-50 mph, it goes into 4th like its supposed to, but when you hit a hill and try to give it more gas, it feels like it is lugging or bogging down. MY old trans would drop back into 3rd with even the slightest bit of pedal effort if you needed to pass or go up a hill. This one seems like I really have to give it a lot of gas to get it to drop down into 3rd. If you dont give it enough,you can feel it buck a little..........I think that might be the lock up . I am not sure though, because I am not sure if the lock up was even working in the other transmission. I tried the 60mph test and hitting the brake pedal, but I didnt notice any change in rpms on my Scanmaster or the factory tach.
I think I finally have th tv cable adjustment perfect as it now upshifts from 2nd to 3rd at 35mph and overdrive at 45mph.
I was thinking that I might have to hook up the shifter lock out linkage to the steering column since some people told me that the switch in the column controls the lock up, back up lights and neutral safety switch. I have had that disconnected for over a year since the lock out wouldnt allow me to remove the key from the column when I shut the car off.
Anyone care to take a crack at this one?
Kinda sounds as if the lock-up is engaging but not releasing easily. Do this simple test.

Temporarily disconnect the TCC connector and go for a test drive. See if the problem you described is alleviated. If so, you may have to look into why the TCC won't release with increased throttle.
And no the column will not effect. It will effect other things but not your problem.
And it sounds like the converter is doing as told.

Completely?.... Well they all (GN's) are a little weird..:)