Swap coming up, gauge question


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As most of you know i'm getting ready for my TTA motor swap into my GTA in a few months, my question is this...

Will my GTA gauges from the 350 work fine and be accurate? I concerned about the tack and oil pressure, and help would be great :)
V6 oil pressure Gauges reads to 80, the one on your V8 dash reads to 60, so youre gonna wanna switch that, the rest will work fine except the tach, you can try a V6 one like I have but I doubt it will work, mine doesnt, but steve says its supposed to work. The TTA gauge cluster is slightly different and has provisions for the boost gauge in the tach, steve really knows more than me about this...
Tach,...maybe. Might be something funky with the DIS but worth a try. Is your oil pressure electrical or mechanical? Mechanical will defninately be fine. Electrical,...as long as it plugs in it should read the same. If not you may have to slice the correct LC2 connector in to your factory harness. Why not just get a TTA wiring harness?? I think Dan McDonald has a few. Not sure if he wants to sell them though. Dan?? You out there?;)
i have a TTA harness, i was told that the Tach and Oil pressure MIGHT read different. Just trying to figure out what i need.

Tom, i'll email steve later, i'm like a little kid in a candy store, the $$ goes out for the motor on Saturday, i should have it by late next week :)

2K miles since rebuild(70K overall)
EVERYTHING included except the MAF, hell even the motor mounts and fuel pump. $2K plus shipping, comes out to like $2,170. He's even throwing in some chips for stock injectors. :) :) :)
Everything will work fine except the tach,the oil pressure guage on yours reads 0-30-60 while the TTA reads 0-40-80 but yours will work fine.

As far as the tach,I dunno what to tell you.I figure a six cylinder tach should work fine,and in fact I spoke to someone once who did just that and it worked.Never tried it myself,thats just what I have heard.

My V6 tach worked in th 91 bird it came out of, but dosnt work in the TTA... weird...

steve wanna gimme a gauge cluster????