Swapping a Chevy 5 spd (NV3500) to a Buick Before Black turbo


Jun 5, 2001
Hello all!
We're swapping my 1980 Monte Turbo (seems it is actually a 79 block) into my son's 88 Ford Ranger Supercab STX 4x4. The truck was a roller with no engine, trans or tcase in it when he got it. (It was a 2.9L v6/5 spd electric transfer case to start with.) He's sourced a 90's Chevy K2500 5spd wide ratio (NV3500/NV231C transfer case) for $400 from a former fire co brush truck. He has been gifted a Centerforce flywheel (unused). Any suggestions for the correct BOP to Chevy Adaptor to work this trans correctly with his engine choice? Most listings only list the auto-trans options, or have a bellhousing and adaptor to bolt the trans onto. THIS trans is a one-piece bellhousing and body. Any suggestions?
Connect these two by: using ANY automatic transmission adapter for BOP to Chevy. Space the flywheel and pilot bushing/bearing the same as the adapter thickness. The later NV3550 has removable bell and tail housings which still do not help. Enjoy the swap