T type gnx and gn?

High performance 4 doors are the norm in this day and age. Personally I think it's the best of both worlds. HORSEPOWER and comfort.
My performance 4 door is just as much fun as my GN's, and ultra comfort to boot!!

The only thing I'm not so sure about though is the Alpha platform. It's awfly small.
I don't think iv seen a car in that platform your ok with having a gnx as a v8 rather then a worked v6 like the original?
Well a gnx based on a pontiac gxp would be awesome. And the gn based on a g8gt
I'm in!!! It's about time they reintroduced these. I wonder if the value of our current 85-87's will increase after these are released????
A rear wheel Buick?! That would be F'ing awsome! Turbo six also?! 400hp?! Im starting to save up for one now!
I like the license plate.
RWD 4 door with GN or GNX badging with proper HP and I'll sell my C5 Z06 to make room in the garage for one...