T-Type leather wrapped steering wheel

Red Regal T

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May 24, 2001
This is a dark grey TType, leather wrapped, steering wheel in good shape. Comes COMPLETE with base, horn assy. and retaining ring. If you need a steering wheel and are hesitating because this one is not the right color, simply color it with SEM vinyl dye. It does not come off and cannot be detected. See photo in next post. This wheel was dark blue, and is now in my GN.

$150 shipped.


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used To Be Dark Blue:


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who did the wheel? i see the leather goes all the way to the horn center on the second picture

That is an 89 Buick Reatta steering wheel with a Grand National horn assembly and base. That wheel was very much the same condition as the one I'm selling, but painted with SEM vinyl paint. Makes them look new and lasts for years, and can be easily redone anytime. Here's another ... seats were done too. They were dark blue. More photos in my sig.: