t.v. cable wont adjust?

leo wagstaff

beer is on ice!
hi guys! I am having a 1-2 shift that is drawn out and 3rd comes in with A quickness. well i tried to adjust the tv cable per gnttype instructions and the cable housing wont click at all just the cable itself moves. is this cable toast or maybe something else:confused: tia:)
Did you press the metal tab all of the way in while you move the cable housing. The housing should move forward or back when you press the silver tab in to unlock it. I am assuming it is the same style as the 86 thru 87 models.
uh oh. no the tranny is still the 84-85 and the cable as well. i guess common sense should tell me that there is a difference in cable length being that it is not the same bracket:o i did not want to swap the tranny yet because it worked so well when i had the hot-air moter in it. can i assume that a cable swap would work? thank you:)

Yep..... They are different....:( Which do you need? I think I got some used ones for the 84-85 cars. I think I have both new and used for the intercooled cars.