Tach install

T-Type Mike

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May 29, 2001
Hey guys just got my AutoMeter Tach yesterday and am just wondering the best way to instal. I have been unable to search out scematics as to where these wires should be hooking up to, Any and all help appreciated!! Mike
That green connector behind your alternator that is not connected to anything is the feed for your tach....
Thanks Rob, we'll have it in this weekend, Looking forward to seeing just how far off the stocker is..
hey I know you guys are into mostly Grand Nationals and the Turbo Buicks, but I need to ask you guys a question about installing a tach I just bought. I have an 88 LeSabre with the Delco Ignition module. I have all the wires hooked up correctly according to instructions. I spliced into the White wire at Pin "E" on the ICM wire harness. But the Tach does not give a reading, it just sits at 0. My Haynes manual for the car states that the white wire at pin "E" is for a tach lead, but why does my tach not work with it? THis tach says it works on ALL ignition types from the earliest kinds, to cars that are 2002's. any help you could give would be greatly appreciated! thanks :) I'm just really stumped on this one..:confused:
Custom 88 did ya cut the wire at the back of the tack....4 ..6...or 8cly????
I have the tach set on 6 cylinders. I ran the green tach lead wire directly to Pin "E" on the ICM. I hooked the red positive wire to the windsheild wiper fuse (so it's only one when the car is ) and ran the negative to a bolt on the fire wall. (the tach is definately getting power)
I've heard a lot of talk about a green connector behind the alt. Do you think My LeSabre has the same connector? I don't think I've ever seen one though... does anybody know what I'm diong wrong?

here's a link to a pic of the wire I tapped into.. www.geocities.com/dann8785/ICM2.jpg (you have to copy and paste it to make it work, can't click on it..