Tach not working at all


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The stock rpm guage in the car does not work. I checked the fuses and everthing is fine. What else will cause the tach not to work? I know exactly when it went. I was seting the cam sensor on the car. I had the #1 spark plug out to check TDC on the piston. Once I got the cam sensor set I tried to key over the car before putting in the spark plug and spark plug wire back on. I heard a pop and that was it. Can't seem to find where or what is the problem. Anybody know where I should look? I have been driving around ever since with no tach and all my other dash board lights work fine.:confused:
If it's what drives the tach that went, it can be fixed by John Spina. As I recall, it cost more than a case of beer, but less than a visit to the Mustang Ranch:D