TC Lockup Solutions?


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May 25, 2001
I was wondering if anyone out there has devised some genius solution to a way to have the felpro (FAST) lock up the TC for everyday driving? I have a non-lockup right now, but am getting a new tranny from Bruce at Performance Transmission, and am going to change the TC as well. I intend on getting another non-lockup, but if someone has come up with a way to have the computer control lockup, I would like to get a lockup instead.

TCC Lockup Solution

There are basically two ways to do it, as I see it - but maybe more; however, neither actually uses the FAST computer . The first is to buy a kit from someone, like PTE. The second is to make one yourself. I made mine using the 4th gear ECM pin to activate a normally closed relay to lockup the TCC. My kit also includes a vacuum pressure switch so that the lockup only occurs under steady state cruising with no boost. The system can also be locked up manually for racing, if desired. Good luck.