TCC solenoid Issue? not a buick...


Feb 12, 2008
Was wondering if the trans god's on the board can help. I know it's not a buick...please forgive me....but my 03 suburban, 4 wheel drive 5.3l, flex fuel, 122K trans just started acting like the TCC solenoid is having issues. When starting from a stop, it feels like it's starting in 2nd, and when slowing down making a turn, it doesn't seem to be be down shifting into first, unless I come to a complete stop, and when doing that, it will finally down shift into 1st, but you can hear it's not a easy downshift, like it's lugging.

So here's the question, does this sound like the tcc solenoid, and if so, is it as easy to access as the 200-4r's are to replace?


Assume a 4L60E?

I don't think it is physically possible to lock the converter in 1st.... there is no fluid pressure in 1st the port where the solenoid is..... to shoot the fluid to the converter clutch.....

I suspect you have larger issues...

Don't know if that helps....
I really don't know if I have the 4L60E or the 4L80E. Reason I say that, is I do have the factory tow package, which I think upgraded the trans to a 4L80E from what I read.

Trans has been troublefree all it's life with the exception of one day it started to slip. I pulled over, turned the vehicle off, looked to see if I had trans fluid leaking since it happened out of nowhere, and didn't see anything, so I got back in and started the vehicle and the problem went away. I haven't driven it anymore today since it was a nice day so I took the bike out to clear the head.

If anyone has any idea's..I'm all ears. I really can't afford a new trans right now, damn ex has taken me to the cleaners.
Have it checked for trouble codes. Some/most of the trans DTC's won't turn on the check engine light, some will when enough criteria is met.

If it's a 4L60E, the aluminum valve bodies tend to get wear in the bores, causing a loss of pressure.