Hi Guys,

My tcc has not worked for a long time... I installed the manual switch, then changed the solenoid, to no avail. I do not have 12v at the ALDL term., the brake lights and cc work fine... What should I check next?

You wont have 12V at the ALDL connector. That is the ground side of the circuit.

First, check the solenoid and internal harness, externally. Unplug the TCC case connector and measure the resistance between terminals 'A' & 'D'. Should be 24-25 ohms. If the meter shows an open circuit, there is a problem inside the pan; probably something disconnected.

If the meter shows a very small amount of resistance, ie. short circuit, a wire is pinched or the solenoid is toast.

If the reading checks out, that's good. Next, key-on/engine-off, check for 12V at terminal 'A' on the vehicle harness-side of the TCC connector. If you do not have 12V there, the brake switch may be problematic.

If all this checks out fine, it is possible that electrically, your system is sound and that the problem may in fact be in the transmission/torque converter instead.

Let us know.
:) Well I spent way too much time on this connector wasn't in all the way....locks up fine now....