Tella Stars

I ordered a digital camera and it will be here in about 2 weeks. As soon as I get it I will post pics of the the way.....I lowered it 2" in the front, 1.5" in the rear........the stance is awesome and the wheels really set it off...........
Wow, 275/50/15's? Sounds risky. I also have 15x7 with 215/65/15's front 15x8 245/60/15 rear Telstars, just recently got them. They look nice, but I am kinda regretting it cause the rears have 4" backspacing.:( There is little space between the 245's and the frame, so I'm wondering if 275/60's will stand a chance. FlyinGN, if your 275/50's don't rub, then the 275/60's should fit. I have 275/60 DR's mounted on the stock wheel (3.5" BS), and that rubs on turns unless I go real slow.
nope black beauty, no rubbing with my combo. I did put on alum drums which are a tiny but thicker then cast drums which help a lil. I have a full finger width between the tires and frame on each side.