Terry Houston Downpipe, does it hit anything?


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Hey everyone, I could not get an answer to this on a search so I would greatly appreciate anyones imput on who has the 3 inch houston downpipe to answer this for me.

Does it hit the anything on the car? (a arm, ect)

I want to upgrade the motors asthetics and I think terrys puck is a 1.5 inch also, so any help would be great. My bgc set up is good, but it has atleast a 1/2 inch dent in it from banging on the arm when flooring it. :mad:
And the houston looks SO much nicer polished. On some photos I have seen of it, it looks like it sits up alittle higher, so maybe away from the arm. I have the poston headers so no worries on the crossover like the atr.

I have the 3" THDP and it does not hit anything that I am aware of; unless your motor mounts are weak, then vibration may be a problem.
Mine hit on my heater box heat sheild. Some guys have this problem and some don't. I don't think there is any way for you to find out without buying it and sticking it in there.
Check the upper controll arm bushing that the pipe runs next to. Mine was so bad that the controll arm was hitting the downpipe.
Mine hit on the high side too. Heater box shield is now "modified."

It now hits the body seam under the car occasionally.

I just installed the HR Parts driver side mount and it's better.

Control arm bushings are fine and heat protected.
Mine would occasionally hit on the frame, but part of the problem was due to the fact that my entire exhaust sytem sat kind of low. I finally got tired of the whole situation and took the car in to a local exhaust shop. They tucked my entire exhaust system up into the car and were then able to raise up the THDP so it wouldn't hit on the frame anymore. Problem solved. :D :D :D
Thanks for the replys

I have all new poly bushings, new rubber motor mounts, ( I asked around if there were poly mounts 2 years ago december, the answer was no, now I see them everywhere) and the alternator tie down. The bgc pipe is totally bashed in due to the motors torquing motion. I have the brace for the test pipe so it is not saging either to maybe droop the pipe alittle lower.

Dequick is going to have a fiberglass ac box removal which might help some of your situations against the firewall. I know he said something about cleaning up the firewall, so that might help if the houston is higher.

I think the pipe is one of my low rpm kr problems. It will kr with straight 100 in it on the low end. Or maybe its the crappy bleed down lifters that make that annoying ticking noise, love it when you put parts in your car and then find out it was not what was advertised.

Anyways, any photos of the houston on someones car?

thanks again,
even if it still hits, I probably will get it just because it looks way better. I will just get the 3.5, this way if .5 gets bashed in it will still be 3 inches. :D
Just installed one on my GN. Didn't hit anywhere but I had to really push on it towards the center of the car to get it to match up with the exhaust hanger. Didn't think that it was such a great idea to have it under this much tension so I removed the hanger and slotted the holes so I could move the hanger towards the outside of the car. Much better now. I have some pics of the THDP on my site. Please note that the nice shiny high temp paint I used held up fine until I did a couple of 20+lb boost runs and then it promptly started flaking off at the turn in the pipe. Have since had Jet Hot put their 2000 degree coating on it. Has a flat finish, not a pretty but hopefully maintenance free. Was going to originally go the polished route on mine but after seeing all the "pretty" colors my stainless steel crossover pipe changed to I decided to to. http://www.buickgn.com/exhaust.htm
Thanks for the photos link mark.

It not only looks way nicer than the bgc piece, but it does look to be higher and away from the arm more.

I will have to start coming up with a good one to explain why I need to switch to a different downpipe instead of just keeping the one I have, :confused:
got it, get more money on the appraisal, sounds good to me. :D
..nice shiny high temp paint I used held up fine until I did a couple of 20+lb boost runs and then it promptly started flaking off ..
what paint was used that didn't hold up? was the pipe bead blasted or otherwise acid-prepped before painting?

I was going to paint my stock headers (after bead blasting) with POR-20 (1400ºF) paint, now you've got me concerned !