Test runs prep for MAY muscle car challenge / NFME in Memphis May 15-16-17.


Jul 6, 2007
I took the car to my private back road 1/4 mile with the new Nitto drag radials , Hellwig sway bar, RJC motor brace , RJC boost controller .
First run my launch location was rough and it set off the caspers knock horn so I lifted checking the scan master which said zero thank God. Moved to a better spot brought boost to about 1 psi and let her rip. Boost went to 21 about 10 feet out and the car kicked the rear side ways through first and into 2nd . Car was silky smooth on the new tires front and rear and after I lifted and let it coast down to my pull over spot I checked the scan master. O2 was 738@101 mph and retard was 0. Alky was set on 6.5.
I added 10.8 percent fuel in the chip and drove the car back to the starting line and after the temp was down from 200 to 186 I made another pass. Same as last time smooth left about 60-70 foot of tracks on the pavement although I noticed the 5200 shift lift came on right at the 1/4 mile mark. Checked the scan master and it was O2 was 770 again at 101 mph with zero retard. I feel it's ready for its first time in track now oil pressure is good, shifts are firm and quick and other than getting a little sideways it's really running smooth and straight. I am so hoping to crack 12s on its first pass ! I don't know the converter slip 2800- 9.5 non lock red neck converter that seems great on the street. I hope the slip is under 10 percent because that would indicate by the shift light that the car might trap in the 105 to 109 range if the online calc is right... I plan to up the boost back to 23-24 about 2 rounds of the rod and take her to the track.
I'd love to see more Buicks in Memphis next month guys !!!
Fwiw I made a run with my turbo link soft ware running and at 23 psi o2 was about 790-800 trailing off up top a little pretty flat trend line. Zero knock retard etc..,car was smooth.
Plan to try for tuning up to 25 psi at the track if knock stays away. Wondering if I should try morning timing before adding more boost?
I hope it's ready for its maidan trip down track and a <12.99 first pass!
Might be best to keep the timing where it is and work on the boost and O2's first. Sounds like it is running clean and like a champ!

Ok ill inch the boost up and watch the o2. Or should I pull fuel before I raise boost? Car seems to be running smooth and without knock.
I have the Hellwig rear bar in the outer most holes. Should I move it in one?