that was an old pic back in 1998 this is what it is now!

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it ran 11.89


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The only thing the same about those Impalas is that they are blue. Not the same color blue, but blue nonetheless.

Moron. I think you were still in diapers in 1998.

Where do you live...

You don't have a location of where your from...
I'd put 500.00 that my WIFE's 86 T-Type that has only bolt on parts on it with 143,000miles would win. If your too far away from Indiana.. then the mystery continues.:mad:

By the way Finding a GNX on the road is like finding a unicorn.;)
hey mr 1965 impala blahblahblah,

nobody seems to care that you may have beaten a gnx. ive only seen one gnx in my life and it was at a car show. i doubt that someone intelligent enough to realise the value of a gnx would race you in you ancient impala. go away!

goodnight irene
I'm not an expert by any means, but this second picture looks like a CHEVELLE????? It is kind of hard to tell, since that picture sucks, but I am having trouble figuring out how a impala turns into a chevelle?:confused:
Someone owns a decent Impala I like Impalas BTW. But coming over to this board and bragging makes one sound insecure about the capabilities of the owner instead of the machine. Just wanted to clarify that cause with this Buick contingent you have effectively brought a knife to a proverbial gun fight.
Unless you can substantiate that which you speak of you will not be believed, I have the distinct feeling you cannot. Therefore you will lose this argument and be delegated to that Troll status that has already been attached to your presence. So in hopes you will listen to me I have attached a site to which I'm sure they will welcome your thoughts with open arms:

That said Thread Locked.

Good luck.

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