The Biggest Lie Ever

And then BITEM said:"I don't have the power to fix the border."
Gee, Trump did, and with the same powers.
Dems just use any excuse for more laws to give THEM more power.
Why any asylum anyway?
Think Berlin wall.
Great wall of China.
Bidens wall around his beach house that we taxpayers bought and paid for.
Easy solution: Allow any 21 yr. old non felon to patrol the border, with whatever weapons they want to bring. Allow them to defend themselves and the border. No questions asked.
Once "they" realize that the citizenry is armed better than the police and ICE, they might realize throwing rocks, and attempting to over run a "guard" will be met with lead.
After a few examples of border "protection" are publicized, I bet things will settle down.
Too many volunteers? You say?
Have a drawing like for hunting areas.
Make sure we publicize the fact that most of the "citizen border patrol" have been hunting for years, and will sit in a tree for hours just for the chance at "getting a shot."
Instead of a truck convoy to the border, how about a 2nd amendment convoy?
Just an idea....
Republicans HAVE weapons.
The rest of you by now, should realize that biden, pritzker, Newsome, hochel, and the like, have walls ,armed guards, and bulletproof vests. All of the things that they would deny us!
Cunning and treachery will outlast the wetback's ability to think on their feet!
Before they get "horsey", they should be aware of the logic from WW2 and the Japs.
They didn't invade as they were thinking that there was an American with a gun, behind every blade of grass. 75 yrs later, millions more guns in the country, they should take credence in that assumption.
Cant wait till they try that shit in Texas...or any other red state for that matter. I just got a nice 10" Karambit for daily carry...PLEASE give me an opportunity to use it. We're fed up with the lawlessness of these 3rd world rats.