The coop has flown the meanchicken

There can be only ONE meanchicken!

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gallo vicioso
Oct 6, 2007
It is with great sadness that I must report...the meanchicken coop has been sold.

I will be back!
Don't have the time to deal with the latest Powermaster issue, and didn't want it to sit there for months waiting on decided to set it free. I'll buy another, but after 10 was time...
This pic is from the day I bought her, 9/30/2007, bone stock and complete with those beautiful twice pipes hanging in the wind.

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It was kinda spur of the moment.
Having remorse, but... is what it is.
meanchicken will fly again...
LAME excuse!
Your "uncle" Lou, is just waiting on a call.:p:D

Papa Lou actually helped me find a buyer.
We had a long talk...

He grabbed me by my wattle and my comb...then kicked me right in the eggs several times while asking me if I was sure...
...and then he started dialing for dollars.

Had it sold in an hour.
Hope the sale included a clause about posting kill/fish stories here. This is my favorite section on the site and da Chicken has had many a story to tell. Thought it was gonna just be an accumulator away from getting back in action. Thanks for all the memories MC.
Saw the brother of the new owner on Saturday. He said the Power Master was fixed with a new motor, so that's good.
They'll probably convert it to vacuum brakes anyway.

He found two of my speeding tickets in the glove box.
One was for 85 in a 55....and I must say....the cop gave me a break LOL.
Happy Vets Day chicken...
Hope to see you on the pizza cruise.