the good the bad and the ugly


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Jun 3, 2009
hello peoples; I was going to do a thing with pics and maybe others can showing the G B and ugly on yours cars. I suck at the pic. thing but maybe I'll try. The good with my car is is it's mine and it's getting better all the time. The bad is my bumper fillers, headliner and a few more things. The ugly is the rot in a few areas.
it's a great movie hope everyone has seen it.
Ibby, Nice car. I like the two tone color. Thats a asc sunroof?

hello people; Yes I do believe it is. The window sticker says nothing about a sun roof but I have a separate invoice for the electric sunroof. Bringing the sticker price of the car above the $18000 mark. There is a ASC sticker in the glove box.
Do you know much about them? As you can see the headliner is gone and is about to break out in the rear. I saw G-Bodies has a new ABS headliner for a moonroof but I wonder if the stock one has the same dims. as an ASC?
I haven't seen any on the road like it and the only place I've seen the same car is here.
I have not noticed rust in that area of our cars before.

Is this common?

Is there anyway to fix this?

How does it start in that area?

hello people; I don't know if it's common to TB but I believe it has something to do with water drainage or lack of. And anything can be fixed for a price and I don't know how to stop it when it starts. I'am no body man but the proper way is to cut it out.
hello people: I just went to show a co worker my car and the pics are gone. What happeded to them?
hello people: Thanks for nothing. I think I know what's going on here. Don't worry I can take it I'm a man.
hello people: BS that's what's going on. I'm done with it till the next time.