The "guess my horsepower" thing, again? Why not?


I lika... do da cha cha.
I'm sorry for what is probably becoming a pain to see on this forum, even in the short time I've been around here, the search function has yielded many posts on the subject.... but, isn't it kinda fun? Without acting like this is totally for your benefit, I'll simply say this is to satisfy my curiosity to get some sort of ballpark figure, because my experience is so limited with these cars, I have no idea what it takes to move them. I posted up my first track experience last night, and I'll share the slip here as well. The track altitude is 1013.8 and it was a cool night in the mid to lower 60's for each pass. Only made 2 passes (.02 seconds different) and I was unable to deflate to get a hard launch, so soft 5 psi launches with a little spin is all I could muster. This was on 23 psi with afr sitting at 10.5 through the entire pass. Just curious to know what kind of power it might be making now, from you guys who have the experience with dyno results on certain combos vs. track times, plus, what it could make as the boost climbs and it starts to use the abundance of e85 available. My goal is to get into the 6's, what kind of power does that take? Thanks for the info in advance... and hopefully I'll be able to put it on a dyno someday, but there are none real close to me.
Combo is: Stock crank/ rods, studded mains and heads, forged trw's, comp 212/212, stock intake/ throttlebody, stock heads (p.o. claimed they were ported, but this is unconfirmed), turbonetics 60 series (62/65) j.b., turbonetics fmic, trick flow 120 pound sticks, g-body parts 3" downpipe and stainless dual exhaust, built 200-4r/ ptc 2800 stall, line-lock, moser disc brake 12 bolt with moser wavetrac posi unit, 3.42, all autometer cobalt gauges including wideband o2, scanmaster 2.1, tt 5.7 chip. Full weight car on 275/50/15 Nitto nt555r extreme drag radials.