Thinking about alky injection


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
I'm thinking about going to Alky injection, but need some education on how well it works compared to running a race chip with 116 octane.

For those of you who run it....

Can you run a race chip with it, or does it require a different fuel and timing curve?

How much timing can you run on 22psi of boost?

How easy / hard is it to get things setup right?

Do you use 100% alcohol, or an alcohol / water combo?

How long will say a 1 gallon tank last?

Thanks in advance for the info,
If you just do a quick look around in alky tech section you can get tons of information, as well as post specific questions in there.

Im no expert but i think a race chip has too much timing in it for street gas but im not sure. Perhaps with some xylene, sunoco 94, and alky you can run your race chip on the street.

But anyways there are no disadvantages, and as long as you have a scan tool i guess its a peice of cake to set it up. Asuming you are somewhat technical and going by your ET you are.

I am also gonna go alky this year. :cool: