thinking about ramchargers BTSC?? i have questions


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ok guys i been getting fed up with the boost control i have been having so im thinking about getting ramchergers BSTC controller. one thing i noticed is that i no longer have the stock WG hoses and Y orifice? does the one they have for sale have the right size orifice in the Y piece? also do you have to hook up the third gear option that pulls boost back if you want? if so where does that splice into?? im looking at running about 23 psi so i will run one solenoid and just play with it from there. anyting else i should know about this? just want to make sure i can get the right WG lines like stock. thanks
You'll need to get another stock type y hose deal. If the hole isn't the correct size you can drill it out to .050"( I THINK this is the correct size, do a search), no biggie.

You don't NEED 3rd gear scaling but if you want it you hook it in at the ECM harness like the other wires.

I LOVE mine, go for it.