thinking of converting the limited


1. has anyone put the draw thru setup on a stock n/a motor?
2. can the cheapie rear and tranny hold up to it?
3. do I need the acc brackets (which ones) can I keep the original ac compressor and alt? and can I dump the smog pump?
4. It is an ecm setup. DO I need the PROM?

Possibility I might just buy the whole motor and dump it in. I don't really plan on racing it just want something to have fun with until the we4 is done. does the conversion pull any gas mileage, granted I keep my foot out of it?

Just curious not serious on this decision so far.

Got screwed on my parts car so the we4 will probably be put aside cause I'm pissed and there's no way I'll be able to afford and obtain 2 doors, a turbo hood, core support, and header panel by spring. :mad: :mad: :(

Or I'll just get me a damn good duel jet and drive the sluggo after I calm down.