This has to be a first...

Wow, I guess that's one way to go with it haha. Pretty neat though. I see you guys are from Brewster and CT, I'm from Danbury, CT so we can't be too far away from each other! Being from Brewster do you ever go to Marcus Dairy on Saturday's for the cruise? I was there every Saturday this summer, maybe I saw ya there!

I was there on most of the "official" Buick nights. Sometimes I also just stop by and walk around with the family. My GN is the rattiest one there and I usually back it up and let somebody with a nicer Buick park in front of me!

Did you go with a car?

Yeah my dad and I both had our GN's there pretty much every week, and the Buick nights as well. We didn't usually park with the Buick guys though, we usually got there a bit later and they were full in the middle there. My dad and I almost always rolled in together, my car's got T-tops and his is a hardtop.