Those With Rear Coilovers, What Does Your GN Like Setting Wise and Drag Radial Tire Psi For Street Hooking?

I used to have a post that had everything and it's weight, maybe 2009 or 10 era of the board. I lost the actual document on my phone, it was a lot of parts and no door butchering or interior.
I remember those posts and the info on for weight loss. Referred to a lot of that info while taking weight off my car. I added to another thread that could be useful:

I should try to weigh my car in its current street driving form. Shouldn’t be a whole lot different from its lowest except went back to stock seats up front and regular size battery but also cut out the halo in the roll cage. Lowest I ever weighed it was 2805.

As far as street driving, my car hooks really well from a couple mph roll, can hit it hard. From a dead stop I’d have to roll into it for a couple feet and then hammer it. Around 22psi on MT ET Radial pros works good. This is at 500ish HP level as I still have stock engine but with a 44 turbo now. Much more power I don’t think it would hook. I’d probably be able to do well into the 1.4 60fts at the track at this power level for comparison.

Double adj shocks in the rear work best for radials. Like others said, get it balanced so it leaves straight and get the correct amount of preload in the sway bar. Any worn out bushings in the rear will also contribute to unloading the radials once they are planted. I know I have a racing setup but the same principles apply.
Nice thread and damn that's a ton of weight loss, great power ratio now and when you go higher hp.

I'm at 20psi tires, felt better but it's still spinning out the hole but won't while driving and I hammer it.
Cant shock the radial.
Something has to take the hit
Like the suspension 😉
And Or power has to be managed with co2 and a good controller.