Thoughts on next upgrades...


Asian man #1
Dec 7, 2002
I will have about 2000-2500$ to spend on something for my new Grand National....this is basically what I have right now..

HRE 3- piece modular wheels 16X8.5
Nitto drag radials rear, Nitto NT 455 fronts 245/50/16 F & R
Duttweiler ported big-valve iron heads
GM Head Gaskets
.030 over TRW Forged pistons
Erson LC-11 Turbo Cam degreed to spec.
Polished rods with ARP bolts, Cryo Treated
Crank Cryo Treated, index ground.
Billet center main caps
Rotating Assembly Balanced
Block Line- bored
Melling HD oil pump
Block decked
One-Piece main and front cover seals
Front cover oil passages ported
"009" 42.5 lb injectors with Thrasher 92 octane chip
Walbro GSS340 Pump with Racetronix upgraded wire harness
Be- Cool Aluminum Radiator
Dual Flex-a lite cooling Fans
200R4 built/upgraded by JW Performance
Art Carr 9" torque converter
Turbonetics "Cheetah" (stage 4) with SuperH compressor upgrade
Turbonetics Deltagate integrated with the turbine housing
Cockpit monted Dial-a Boost control
Large Duttweiler Front-mount intercooler
Turbonetics 2.5" Downpipe with Flex coupling in wastegate dump
Test Pipe
Hooker Turbo Headers
Flowmaster Muffler
Cold air kit, electric exhaust cutout, and dress up items for the motor and interior. I know a good place to buy them from.:D
You need bigger squirters and a real downpipe/exhaust and get rid of those headers! Either stock headers or ATRs.
I was thinking TH or Mease 3" DP and not too sure of the exhaust... and possibly a te63/te63e turbo with 55# injectors?