Thrasher Chip question...

Kyle F

Addicted to Boost
May 24, 2001
Should a Thrasher Chip hurt my Gas Milage or will it be pretty much the same as my stock chip?
It will hurt your gas mileage since you'll want to use the boost so much:D I get better mileage if I drive like a grandpa (what the heck the car looks the part)
How will it do?

See Pronto's 12:77 w THRASHER
his other time was 13.6 THRASHERLESS

My opinion with Thrasher is make sure you car is in a good state of tune: wires, plugs, HIGH Octaine 94 or UP UP.
& add a wastegate..

Otherwise buy a turbo tweak from eric. They are custom made to what your have for mods
Originally posted by Pronto
I drive like a grandpa (what the heck the car looks the part)

How true YOU have slowed with age on the street, but get faster on the strip :D
I was refering to gas Milage. I know performance wise it all there... except I am chasing down a Knock problem
Start with some higher octane by either using Xylene or GT100 to see if knock goes away. Do you have EVERYTHING for ignition up to par ie: spark plugs, wires, coil, etc. How about adjustable fuel reg, etc? (Ok see you got the afpr)
I got 30mpg once doing 55mph with the stock injector chip. I was running 12.1's back then.

With a 50# Thrasher, I got a best of 29mpg. I was running 11.8's when I did that. Best of 27mpg with the A/C on :D

Its a great highway mileage chip. The best I've had.
I need new Ignition wires, still have the originals. THough, they seem to be in very good shape.

I think that will be the next thing I replace.

Oh, and Running Xylene, which I have, is not an acceptable cure. I have to daily drive this car for now. I am thinking part of the problem might be with the Down Pipe. I think it is hitting the frame rail at idle, and might pull ove against the frame while accelerating and make the problem even worse.

Though, I am pretty sure(and so is my brother) that we hear knock in the engine.