thrasher chips and help


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May 25, 2001
I have not been happy with the thrasher 92's performance since i put it in. I tuned and tuned to no avail. My car was not happy with it. Now that i have the thrasher 100 the car feels so much better with much better throttle response. I wanted to know the timing on the chip but no one seems to know this even the person i bought it from. I have emailed the thrasher site and two distributers. No one has even attempted to answer my questions. I know the thrashers are cheap but i have bought my last chip from thrasher.:( If i have to pay another 75 to 100 dollars for a chip to have someone to be able to answer questions i have, then i will. Any recommendations for a good chip person? What is the highest octane chip that you can get? I am thinking of buying a 55 drum of c16 and want to take advantage of all it has to offer so i want a good chip and someone to work with me if i have problems or will answer my questions.........................................thanks ps has anyone else had problems with getting info on thrashers specs on their chips?
I would try a Jim Testa or Jay Carter chip.
I think because Thrasher does not do the chips anymore, you will not have the support.
I use the 92 & 100 and my car likes them. I have a Reds 93 that I would sell for 25 shipped but I would try one of the above for a custom chip for your car.
thanks ES1

I will do that then. I am going to go to track again in hopes of some better times with this thrasher 100 after i do all this stuff i need to do to it,brakes,timing chain,etc etc etc. I am just looking for some very low 12's :)...................................................