Throttle body question. not stock


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Jan 24, 2011
A year or so ago I acquired this intake for a build:

I finally got to installing an IAC and confirmed that it won't clear the thermostat cover. I do want to run an IAC since it will be a street car.

So I was planning on buying one of these and a carb "hat" to build a blow-thru build.

But, I want to get opinions if this will work.

I don't think it would hurt anything for the throttle body to sit vertical, and the stock throttle cable might even work. Pipe the tubing from the intercooler in the top with an elbow. I will need to make a mounting plate and some type of vacuum block between the TB and manifold. It should save me about $500 if I can use this setup.
Why not pitch the lower intake and re-use fuel rails and dog house on a correct intake for a turbo engine, someone would probably take that off your hands, then you could run your IAC with no problems
if the fourbolt pattern is square why not turn the throttlebody on its side .. tps on bottom then iac will be on side
That forth picture would work the best. All you'd need is an alum plate to sammich between the intake and TB. It'd pretty much be a Ron's Flying Toilet (except for this being EFI instead of mechanical). Most likley give the best cyl-to-cyl distribution of all the pictures. You will have less plenum area with that method.

The only issue I can see off the bat is that huge ass TB is going to flow a lot more air than the ECM is expecting. A basic 'about this much air for 20% throttle opening' is going to be waaaaaaay off the charts.

I'd probably make a very long throttle arm for it too. Otherwise it'll be jumpy as hell when you crack the throttle or bounce around in your seat.
I'm converting from a draw-thru (carbed) to blow thru system and basically building from scratch.
if the fourbolt pattern is square why not turn the throttlebody on its side .. tps on bottom then iac will be on side

1/4 turn (looks like crap)

1/2 turn (looks slightly better)


This one looks better, slightly. Maybe with a polished IAC, but I think I like the "stovepipe" look best. The throttle body is an Accufab 75mm unit. Web page says for 5.0 Mustangs. It just is what came on the manifold.

The EMC plan at the moment will be Megasquirt 3 so I should be able to tune it however is needed.

Should I just sell off all this shit and buy a stock(ish) 86-87 intake manifold setup? This is kind of unique and ported, but may be more of a pain that it is worth to get working.
Im with you on the selling and start over with the correct parts. Also i would crash my car again if i had to use a mustang part on it.:p
Looks like a hood scoop is in your future, should you try it....

I would hope that the throttle body + an elbow at the top would have enough clearance, but I suppose it is worth measuring to verify first. It would suck to build it all, and them close the hood down on it only to find things just a little bit too high.

I did that once with a tool box in the trunk and made a nice little "pimple" bump in the deck lid.