throttle bracket champion race intake


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Feb 21, 2010
i've got the champion race intake with the large doghouse.
been using the stock throttle bracket and it works but wondering what others have used or did to make it sit lower?
mine sits a little high and bolts with the two small bolts on top but not on bottom where usually bolts to the plenum.
the cable has a slight angle i'm not happy with.
I talked to both hartline and champion and they have a bracket but its only for the throttle not the detent or cc. So I will just go with the stock one im using with a couple washers to fit. Thanks for the help all.
I modified my stock one. It was pretty easy. Been on for 6 years no issues
actually my car is in storage. If I remember correctly I just shimed it to make it level. If I see my car in the near future I will take a pic.