Ticket prices


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Holy C R A P.

I was looking at ticket prices to some events locally to me.

these prices are crazy!

2 John Melloncamp tixs = $480

2 Larry the cable guy tixs = $200

2 Yanni tixs = $900

4 Ron white tixs = $1200

4 Rascal Flatts tixs = $800

2 Bon Jovi tixs = $1k

Ethier I am way out of touch or these prices are whacked. :eek:
Melloncamp at the Lowell Auditorium tickets at at office are only $30 or so.;)
No, probably Ticket Liquidator or one of those type sites. If you have no way other way to get tickets or they are sold out those sites are the only way to get them.