Tig welders


Apr 30, 2012
Any one have reviews or experience with rhino 100 st tig welder? Looking for an small tig welder to do Lil stainless and aluminum jobs. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
To me I think that machine would be a waste, it doesn't have high freq which I think would be almost a necessity as well as huge convenience on sheet metal. Which is all this machine could do with only 95 amps@110v. In addition it doesn't look like there is any provision for amperage control(foot pedal or slider), which is def a necessity for doing sheet metal. You need to be able to get off the heat or else you'll be burning through stuff left and right, not to mention melt through(looks like lava) when doing stainless. I'm definitely biased on machine choice cause at work all I use is millers. That rhino machine is basically a stick welder retrofitted with a gas fitting so it can tig, not a machine dedicated to tigging. Also 20% duty cycle is not very good, in reality thats only 2 minutes welding...8 minutes resting @95 amps in a 10 minute span which is how duty cycle is derived for welders. Sorry for the rant but don't want you to waste money on a machine that won't do what you want it to. For reference I am a welder for the navy repairing nuclear fast attack subs.
Ok I was told the foot pedal would be handy
to control the heat. Never tig welded before but I can braze and have a mig.
No experience with it but my first question is where will you get parts if you need them? Is it equipped with a foot control? Consumables? Torch similar to the big names? Does look like a compact unit. Pretty good duty cycle by what I see.


Let us know how it works out.
Hi, thanks for sharing the info. I was looking for the tig welders that work best on Aluminum and Stainless Steel. I've buy Ahp Alpha tig 200x and It is working good. I would recommend you to go for this welder as it is user friendly, lightweight and comes with cheap price and works perfect for aluminum and stainless steel.
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X2 on the AHP. We bought a 201xd and I like it. Does ac and dc but there is much more than just the welder for Tig welding.
I have the Eastwood AC/DC TIG 200, I like it for the little bit of TIG welding I do on my projects.
. . .but there is much more than just the welder for Tig welding.
VERY true!
I have a Miller and find that dexterity, hand strength and medium distance vision can be limiting factors, regardless of skill.
There's some pretty cool laser welders out there that don't cost an arm and a leg and produce
some darn good welds even from beginners.