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hi guys, Its time for a new trans in my white T, and I can't afford to spend $2000.00. About $1000.00 is my limit for the trans itself.thats R&R'ing it myself. so I need a little advice. I know there has been many questions like this asked.

The trans has never been out .So I can't complain! The car has 63.000 miles on it now. I put in an art carr kit, when I bought it 8 months ago.Also installed the large B&M trans cooler with #6 an lines.
since then I've upgraded the turbo to a pte 51, 42.5 inj, Lubrant chip,Houston D.P.,Cottons 3" mandrel single exhaust,Walbro,Billet reg,Power plate.Duttweiler neck.IC,stock block,heads,etc.
anyway, It started to slip worse as the engine made more power. Fluid is clean and still smells like it should.It shifts fine just driving around,doesn't chirp the tires like it did. As soon as it gets some real boost(10lbs or more) it slips going into 2nd and 3rd.and you have to back off. other than it slipping, the car runs real strong.

I've adjusted the T.V. cable quite a few times,starting back at the stock setting and moving it one click at a time. can't get the slip out. The car only gets driven a few times a week locally, and "might" get to the track once, maybe twice, but only for one or two runs.
I was thinking of using one of Jack Cotons trans's with a little looser than stock conv. Has anyone used that trans and what are your opinions on how this trans will hold up. I know Jack has a great name and I'm NOT doubting him, but do to some physical
limitations I can't do this twice. Being that the stock trans has lasted this long, I'm thinking Jacks trans, should be all I need, advice anyone? and thanks, this is a great board!
Hey guys, I am in about the same boat.........anybody have any advice for us? :confused:
trans again

hey everybody, I'm in PA near outside Philly.I spoke to Fred at DYNOTECH in Jersey today,(nice guy) and he thinks as I do. That for my
application, one on their Trannys will hold up well. so I'm leaning toward that, being also I can get there in a couple hours, drop it off and come back in a week. sounds good. but any info is appreciated! I'm a new member here,and really like what I see and hear.thanks.....
May want to look at DelTrans in Newark, DE. Many people use them and they have built 200's for Bob Armstrong, Dale Cherry, myself:D and many others. They are 100% stand behind their product people and have a family/team atmosphere. One visit and you will know.

hhmm, sounds interesting. and within driving distance.
Can you give me an idea (ball park) what your's cost you? Does anyone in Delaware have a phone # for them?

I talked to a guy in willow grove,pa. and he also was suppost
to have built 200's for dale cherry.nice guy but $1500.00 to $1800.00. too much for me,right now. thanks.....
Fred vetter carries Eric Shertz trannies. Eric Shertx is in long Island and and build great trannies. He also build trannies for Jack Cotton. FYI.

There are a couple of newer GN trannies for sale in PA--I know because I was considering buying another BRF until I found out the CZF and several other 200 4Rs were just as good and can be had for $250ish. That might be a cheaper alternative, then you'd have a spare when you get the cash to pay for a top notch rebuild. I looked on this board and also on http://www.gnttype.org/trader/part_wk0.html

One guy wanted $550 for a 45k '87 BRF.

Is this where all your money went? >> I've upgraded the turbo to a pte 51, 42.5 inj, Lubrant chip,Houston D.P.,Cottons 3" mandrel single exhaust,Walbro,Billet reg,Power plate.Duttweiler neck.IC,stock block,heads,etc.

Need to put some of those $$ into a trannie. All the horsepower in the world and no strong trannie=no fun!!!

Besure to get you a PTS billet forward clutch regardless of who does the rebuild.

Good 200 4R hunting!

hi guys, thanks for the replys, I appreciate it.
I spoke to JackCotton on friday,and he had Eric call me,(both real good guys).so, looks like I'm making the trip to L.I in a couple weeks., Can't wait to get a good trans in the car! Then i'll need some drag radial's!!