Times with 17's


Jan 13, 2007
anyone have good times running on 17's ?

i currently have convo pros but am painting sson and thinking of going larger.
I only have a couple passes on the new setup, but it pulled a 1.71 60 foot no problem, launched with maybe 1 psi boost, not much if at all then hit 17 psi in 1st then it fell to 10psi the rest of the run, still went 11.6 @ 112 even running black smoke rich on 10 psi, "should" go 9's once I get the Weldon 2015 installed and boost set right, etc... 17x8 wheel with 275 50 17 M&H Drag Radial.
I know of a 11.17@121 with a 17 inch MT drag radial. 60' was a 1.75 on a soft launch due to a poorly prepared track. Should go 1.60s on a better track.
If youre not upgrading brakes rotors etc jus keep a 15"set of rims a.d tires for the rear..