Tip In Stumble?


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Right off Idle there is the slightest tip in stumble..IAC and TPS are perfect, o2 and MAF are also.. Fresh motor with a good bit of work done to it...Just trying to figure out the off Idle stumble...
That is what is wierd..It did it with my Red 107 chip and now it still does it with the new Turbo Tweak 93 chip..
TPS is set at .44 and 4.86wot and IAC is at 35.

Fuel Pressure is a little low at 40lbs on these 72lb injectors..I think I might turn it up to 43 lbs and see how it does then...
Could be worth a try. What pressure did Eric reccomend for the chip? I wonder in a worn throttle plate shaft would contribute to a tip in condition?
Mine did that and Eric suggested turning the cam sensor in a little more, so that it's not riding on the edge of adjustment. Since I did that ,I have not had any stumbles off idle in 1-1/2 years. Good luck
I have that now with a bigger turbo, T70. That turbo has a few weird spots you need to just avoid. A BOV helped in a few spots, but still has tip in stumble, unless you go past "x" throttle position.
I have the 70 q trim also.....Wiht the NLU 9" in it is not that bad of a thing because the car does not jump out on you but it is a little annoying..
Tell me if you ever find a cure. On one street coming home every day, I have a place that makes my car go 2-3-2-3-2-3 shifting, if I drive the speed limit. Turbo surge. I have to either coast down the small hill, or give it more gas and accelorate then coast, etc.

Only happens on this road! Weird.