TireRack.com opinion ?

tom h

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Sep 1, 2001
Need Michelin LTX M/S truck tires, TireRack.com is $160 per tire vs $240 compared to local retailers (plus, no sales tax in CA). Even with shipping & local tire mounting I will easily save a couple $100 overall ....

I've read 1 thread about bad experience w/ TireRack, what about the rest of you?

Mainly I'm concerned for bad customer service hassles if there is damage during shipment, billing errors, etc.

Great place to do biz with screwed up the bead on one tire they sent me anouther one for half price.
Let's see, my son's Z28, daughter's Cavalier, Lisa's Regal summer and winter tires, my Regal, my LeSabre, my Malibu winter tires and when summer comes them too. That would be the second set of summers for Lisa's Regal and the third for mine.

All from TireRack at my door normally within two days. I mount and balance all my own tires, but I read where someone had it done at Sams Club for their normal $9 fee. That would be a pretty good deal.
Bought my tires there, a lot less than local. Sent right out. They called 15 minutes after I placed my order to confirm with me. I'll use them again.
I just went to a tire store and asked them if they would
match the prices. They did but I had to pay $25 per wheel
for mounting and balance and still saved a few hundred.
I've used them 3 times and was very much satisfied. I don't see how you can have a problem just ordering a couple tires.
I have had no problems either time I purchased tires from them. The only possible problem might be having some shop mount the tires. Some tire stores wont do it because they missed their profit on the sale. I have mine done at a frame shop that does the alignment on my vehicles.:)
I haven't had any experience with TireRack but have used Discount Tire online 3 times with no hassles and great prices. Drop shipped to my door. I had them mounted and balanced for $11 apiece at the local Wal-Mart. That included $3 fee for my old tire disposal.:rolleyes:
Here is Discount's link if you want to check it out.


I just talked with a local tire store that I normally deal with. They quoted me $160 a tire compared to Tireracks $99 a tire. He laughed and told me I would be dumb not to buy from them. Hell, I'm even shipping them directly to them to mount for me.:D

I've dealt with tirerack a couple times before and was very happy with their service.