Tires - 255/55R15


I would love for a tire company to make good street tires that are 255/55R15.

I had some Yokohama AVS, that were 235/60R15 and they held all the way down to low 13sec. Plus they were a very streetably tire. They had long life (30,000 miles) and still had very good performance. I feel that I could use these tires 24x7x365, if there was a little more meat, 255/60R15 or 275/50R15. There is just no good wide streetably tires out there. You can go with the BFG radials that are wide, come in a lot of sizes, low prize, long tire life, but don’t hook for SH*T:( :( :( or you can get the Nitto 555R that are wide, come in some sizes, ok prize, very short tire life:( :( :( , but hook very nice for the street (same thing for the BFG street slicks).